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Now open!

Discover Banyä, in our Borëa area, a new building starring a Russian sauna, a relaxation and meditation area, as well as an exfoliation and yoga room! 

  • Russian sauna 

    A sauna, where dry heat and humid steam are joined in perfect balance. This type of sauna disseminates a humid heat. This vapor is achieved by pouring water on a brick stove.
    Russian sauna helps blood circulation and cleanses the skin deep!

  • Exfoliation room 

    Add a ritual to your thermal cycle that will restore your skin’s glow and revitalize your senses while providing many benefits: exfoliation.
    Exfoliation is a method which stimulates the skin blood circulation and removes dead cells while providing regeneration thereof.

  • Relaxation area 

    After a visit in our Russian sauna, lay down on our comfortable beds in our new relaxation area, while enjoying a breathtaking view of our site.

  • Yoga and meditation

    Our new rest area can be turned into a large space dedicated for yoga or meditation. 


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