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Discover the power of regenerating baths, an ancestral relaxation technique that alternates hot and cold.

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Our saunas

Wrapped in your bathrobe, you breathe in the pure air of nature, contemplate the forest, and listen to the sound of the great waterfall. You think to yourself that if heaven exists, it must be  like this. And you're right! Saunas, whirlpools and multiple pools with crystal clear waters invite you to a ritual dating back two thousand years. A magical ritual that will make you forget the stress of your daily life and live a dream-like moment. So go ahead, close your eyes and rediscover the good life.


In addition to causing an immediate sensation of well-being and relaxation, heat therapy can eliminate toxins, relax muscles, improve sleep quality, boost the immune system, and increase body oxygenation. By purifying the body and spirit, it enables enthusiasts to find their natural balance. More information


  1. Warm up in a sauna or steam bath for 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Do a quick pass under a waterfall or take a dip in a cold or temperate pool for a few seconds.
  3. Rest fifteen minutes in one of our relaxation areas, outside or inside.
  4. Repeat this ritual three or four times, finally immersing yourself in one of our whirlpools for a moment of total relaxation.



  • GËSER: 39 C / 102 F 
  • TEMPËR: 21 C / 70 F
  • KALOR: 36-39 C / 96-102 F 
  • KRISTAL: 10-21 C / 50-70 F (closed for winter)
  • KYLMÄ: 16 C / 60 F
  • NAKYMA: 36 C / 96 F  
  • RIVËR: 7-21 C / 45-70 F (according to the season)

At Nordik Spa-Nature, water quality must not just be excellent, it must surpass all standards of excellence.


Please note that the thermal experience is not recommended for those suffering from heart problems, high blood pressure, respiratory difficulties, diabetes or angina.

Practical information

  • We do not take reservations for the thermal experience or the Källa treatment. Please note that to provide an optimal experience, we limit the number of guests using our facilities at the same time.
  • Our site has 3 zones, each with a distinct experience: Borëa, where whispering is permitted, Kaskad, where complete silence is required, and Panorama, the social area where talking is permitted.
  • Bring your bathing suit, sandals and a reusable water bottle (glass containers prohibited). You may also bring a bathrobe, rent one or buy one at our boutique, which sells all spa essentials.
  • Upon arrival, we will provide you with a towel, a locker and a bracelet that is used as a locker key and method of payment.
  • It is forbidden to bring in food or beverages. Two restaurants and water fountains are available.
  • The site is not accessible to people with reduced mobility.
  • Activity reserved for those 16 and older.
  • Since we cannot control changing weather conditions or electrical outages, no compensation will be given in the event that our baths and saunas are closed due to unforeseen circumstances.

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