• Body treatments

Body treatments

Nordik Spa-Nature is a gateway to a world of relaxation, where tranquility will greet you and wrap you in a feeling of unparalleled comfort. All products used in the treatments come from the Italian brand Comfort Zone.



    An energizing, revitalizing and detoxifying care, from head to toe.

    Vivifying treatment for the body starts with a biological exfoliation of your back and the back of your arms, followed by a thermal mud purifying treatment, and a short back and scalp massage. The experience is completed with an exfoliation and short massage of your feet and half leg, as well as a mini face care (cleaning, exfoliation and massage).


    After analyzing your skin type, the esthetician determines the line of products best suited to your treatment. you will end the treatment with a soft and repulped skin with natural radiance.

    This treatment includes a thorough cleaning of your face (cleaning, exfoliation, massage and energizing mask application). To enhance your experience and reach a state of absolute bliss, we will complete your treatment with a short hand and foot massage.

    *Please note that this package is one of relaxation. It is not a facial extraction package.


    This treatment eliminates irregularities, rebalances and tones the skin while restoring its natural radiance.

    Despite its virile appearance, a man’s face is no less subject to the ravages of time, stress and pollution. This face care designed specifically for men is a soothing, one-hour treatment that combines the application of a cleansing balm and exfoliating mask with facial, neck, scalp, hand, and foot massages. In this way, a relaxed body enhances the treatment’s benefits for the face.


    An anti-ageing and nourishing treatment for the body and face that reverses the harmful environmental effects and gives your skin a more invigorated and youthful appearance.

    The Body Care treatment combines gentle body exfoliation of your back and arms, followed by a short relaxing massage with nourishing, organic certified oils. After, we complete the experience with a short face care, an exfoliation and massage of your stomach and legs.


    Give your feet the royal treatment with this foot care: a true rejuvenation of your tired legs that will leave your skin soft, fresh and nourished. 

    Our feet: so many areas of tension with the potential for unbelievable relaxation. Discover our foot care, providing a feeling of lightness and relaxation. The treatment includes a complete cleaning of your nails and calluses followed by an exfoliation and a massage with a moisturizing paraffin in order to provide the maximum benefits to your feet.*

    *Please note that the Foot Care package does not offer application of nail polish.



    This face care gives an instant lifting effect while leaving your face skin with a more youthful, radiant and toned appearance.

    The Lumëa treatment, exclusive to Nordik Spa-Nature, will tone your face and restore its natural glow. Recommended especially for mature skin, which can become dehydrated, Lumëa consists entirely of gentle procedures: exfoliating vitamin C mask, facial and scalp massage, and cool lifting mask. The result is striking and immediate: after the toning cream is applied at the end of the session, your face will shine!


We recommend that you make a reservation to ensure better availability. You can then indicate your preferences.

You can also spoil and pamper your surroundings by offering a gift certificate for a body treatment. With the cold weather of winter, this gift will please anyone!

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