• Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage

Our most therapeutic massage.

Our most therapeutic massage, manual lymphatic drainage promotes optimal circulation of the lymph. Lymph is a clear fluid produced by the lymph nodes that performs several vital functions, including cell detoxification, transport of certain fats, and immune system maintenance.

Stimulating lymphatic circulation

While the heart pumps blood through the body in two minutes, lymphatic circulation takes about 48 hours. Without adequate stimulation, the slowness of this process can lead to problems such as water retention, stretch marks, inflammation, migraines, and heaviness in the limbs. The lymphatic drainage can help these conditions. A gentle massage using fingers and palms in precise circular movements, lymphatic drainage stimulates lymph flow throughout the body’s tissues, with special attention focused on relieving obstructed areas. This systematic body cleansing produces a sensation of lightness and vitality, occasionally even during the massage itself.

In tune with your body

Because lymph flows throughout the body, manual lymphatic drainage confers both internal and external benefits, making you both feel and look better. You may never feel so in tune with your body as after this treatment. A gentle massage that is gaining consideration as a therapeutic treatment in its own right, manual lymphatic drainage is only performed at Nordik by massage therapists specially certified in this technique.


Duration: 60 minutes


Because of its effects on the lymphatic system, this massage has certain contraindications, which should be discussed with your massage therapist. People with the following illnesses should avoid manual lymphatic drainage: cancer and malignant diseases, tuberculosis, acute inflammation, thrombosis and phlebitis, cardiac problems, high or low blood pressure, and hyperthyroidism. If you suffer from one of these illnesses, consult your doctor or one of our professionals before considering this massage.


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