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Massage Therapy

Swedish or Californian? Invigorating or relaxing? Whatever your tensions or expectations, there is a massage for you at Nordik.


Lie down and close your eyes. The scent of essential oils and gentle music envelop you. Hands approach, safe, sensitive, professional. They will unwind one by one the knots that have your muscles all tightened up, and then transport your body into a state of total “Zenness.” Actually, what type of massage have you chosen?


CALIFORNIAN MASSAGE (60 or 90 mins.)

Focusing foremost on relaxation, the Californian massage is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Executed with elongations, long and fluid movements sculpt and gently wrap the body to provide a more complete sensation of abandonment. Whether you want to maintain physical, mental and emotional health, or simply enjoy a moment of healing, the goal of the Californian massage is simple: to feel good in your body to feel good in your head. It’s the perfect anti-stress massage!


Perfect balance between toning and relaxation, the Swedish massage stimulates and strengthens the body while relaxing it. Its many benefits – such as relieving muscle tension, improving blood circulation and reducing the effects of stress – are intended to give a burst of energy to the body. Every movement – gentle to vigorous – is executed to suit your needs and act specifically on your muscles and joints. Whichever the lifestyle you lead, active or rather sedentary, the Swedish massage will provide you relaxation, energy and suppleness. No wonder it’s one of the most practiced massage in the western hemisphere!


First, we recommend that you make a reservation to ensure better availability. You can indicate your preference for a male or female therapist.

The day of your visit, you must arrive 20 minutes before your massage. If you choose a package with the thermal experience, you can enjoy it before and/or after your massage, the choice is yours.

Although it is more comfortable to receive a massage when no clothing is worn, we respect the choice of our clients who prefer to keep their underwear on. Know that a sheet covers you at all times to respect your privacy, only the area being massaged is uncovered.

Also, you can customize your massage by choosing a brighter or more dim light, with or without music.

Discover our massages in nature!



You suffer from persistent or recurrent muscle pain due to an improper movement, a bad working position, the daily stress or sports? This specialized massage uses a technique targeting the deeper muscle layers and is particularly effective to release chronic tension and contracted areas. The movements are executed with fingers, elbows and forearms, promoting an in-depth work, focused primarily on the areas of pain and tension.


Sports and outdoors enthusiasts, release the tension and restore vitality to your muscles, thanks to the tonic massage. Combining the best elements of Hawaiian and Swedish massages, this technique is characterized by strength and fluidity. Forearms, elbows and palms excute wide and deep movements that stimulate blood circulation and provide a renewed vitality. The tonic massage is the best ally for active people!


Increasingly viewed as a therapeutic treatment in its own right, lymphatic drainage optimizes the flow of lymph through the body. This clear fluid associated with the lymph nodes is involved in several vital bodily functions, including cell detoxification, transport of fats, and immune system stimulation. This type of massage employs gentle, precise circular movements to alleviate water retention and its effects such as cellulite, stretch marks, inflammation, and migraines. Lymphatic drainage often produces sensations of newfound lightness and vitality.

MOM TO BE MASSAGE (60 mins.)

This prenatal massage focuses on the specific needs of pregnant women. Practiced lying on the side, with cushions positioned for maximum comfort, this massage is available to women who are more than three months’ pregnant.

THAI MASSAGE (60 or 90 mins.)

Thai massage stretches and tones muscles while relieving tension. Practiced fully clothed on a futon, Thai massage consists of pressing, acupressure, joint movements, and yoga-like passive stretching. This deep massage produces a feeling of incredible lightness. 


This massage combines a firm touch with the gentleness of warm volcanic stones. The stones soothe muscles and expel tension from nerve endings. This long 90-minute massage induces a deep state of relaxation.


All massages of the same length can be given in “duo mode,” in which the sliding doors between two massage rooms are opened for a joint session. In this way, friends or couples each have their own massage therapist and table but are still able to share this unique experience. 

To book a duo massage session, please call us at 819-827-1111.

*New!* Enhance your massage! Choose from among the following three essential oils: Sweet orange, eucalyptus-black spruce and lavender! No additional charge!


Practical Information

  • All massage therapists are members in good standing of a professional order in Quebec, and can issue receipts for insurance or tax purposes.
  • Reservations with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa or Amex) are required for all massages; cancellations or changes made less than 24 hours prior to your appointment carry a $100+ tx processing fee. You can reserve online, or by calling 819-827-1111.
  • If you are taking medication or have particular health problems (such as cancer), therapeutic treatments are perhaps best avoided. A note from your doctor may be requested by your massage therapist. You must make your health condition known, in particular by providing accurate answers on the health sheet we ask all clients to fill out before their massage.
  • The essential oils aren't recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.
  • We invite you to check with your insurance company before your massage to confirm your coverage.
  • You can enjoy a massage even if you do not want to partake in the thermal experience.

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