• Panorama section - Now open!

Panorama section - Now open!3 new saunas, an infinity pool, a lounge with terrace and the Källa treatment, a unique salt-water floating pool.

Nordik Spa-Nature offers a new concept to its customers with more exclusivity to relaxation and unique facilities including three new saunas, a floating bath, an infinity pool and a European style Lounge with an outdoor terrace.

  • TULI, MAA and AROMI: Saunas

    Discover other facets of relaxation thanks to our 3 new saunas coming directly from Europe! A North American premiere!

    Le Maa

    Dug within the rock, this sauna of earth and fire has a wood-burning fireplace and can accommodate up to ten people. With a temperature of 110 degrees Celsius, it is considered the hottest in its class and its unique properties will rejuvenate its users.


    This sauna is octagonal in shape with a central fireplace, the heat rises to approximately 90 degrees Celsius. Perfect for meditation!


    A wooden building with impressive windows, Aromi offers offering stunning views of downtown Ottawa-Gatineau and the hills of Gatineau Park! A true panoramic spectacle enhanced with scents changing every twenty minutes.


    Our infinity pool offers a spectacular view of the Gatineau Park and the city of Ottawa. Spacious, enjoyable in July as in January, it is a friendly place to relax.


    Creative cuisine, warm European style décor and an outdoor terrace that will transport you to another world.

  • KÄLLA treatment: Salt-Water floating pool

    Källa is a treatment allowing the body to reach a state of complete relaxation due to its high concentration of Epsom salt, replicating the benefits of the Dead Sea. This huge 1,200 ft2 salt-water pool is able to accommodate 35 people.

    Nordik Spa-Nature is the second spa in the world to offer its visitors this incomparable experience, whose virtues are praised by health and relaxation professionals. The high amounts of magnesium and sulfate salts allow the body to float, which purifies the body, promotes restful sleep, improves circulation, relax muscles, stimulates creativity and reduces stress.

    For more information about the Källa treatment, click here.

We are proud to announce that this expansion gives us the title of largest spa in America!

Certainly, the largest in terms of size (41,500 ft2 of interior space and more than 100,000 ft2 of outside space) but also the spa that offers the most impressive variety of services in relaxation, enjoyment and wellbeing. We also offer visitors many isolated areas that allow them to enjoy moments of pure relaxation, in complete privacy, at the heart of an inspiring and calming environment.


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