• Projects and improvements

Projects and improvements

Always seeking for new opportunities to offer you a relaxing experience like no other, Nordik Spa-Nature is working to create and improve innovative infrastructures. Multiply the discoveries and enjoy the experience of relaxation like nowhere else in North America! 

Wednesday December 7th: Moderate noise until 2 p.m.
Thursday December 8th: Moderate noise until 2 p.m.

  • Näkymä - Infinity Pool 

    Closed from December 5th to 7th inclusively 

    Dear guests, we would like to inform you that Monday and Tuesday, December 5 and 6, Näkymä, the infinity pool, will be closed in order to execute some improvement work.
    We thank you for your understanding.

  • BANYÄ 

    Opening Winter 2017! 

    Discover Banyä, a new building starring a Russian sauna, an exfoliation room, as well as a relaxation, meditation and yoga area! 

    *Please note that some inconveniences will be caused by the construction of this innovative infrastructure.
    We invite you to enjoy our two other sections: Panorama or Kaskad! We apologize for these inconveniences and thank you for your understanding.

    Click here for all the details!

  • Two new Hot Spring-inspired baths 

    By the end of December 

    Two new hot baths will be opened in the Panorama section, just in time for the cold weather. A bath, a therapeutic Jacuzzi ut to 25 people, will pour into a second hot bath up to 12 -15 people, which will finish its path in the Nakyma infinite pool.

    In the therapeutic Jacuzzi or the air bubble bath, your body floats gently. Air bubbles have a soothing and comforting effect on the skin, tissue and your nerves, promoting your circulation and targeting muscles and joints. The magic of air bubbles evaporates the stress and strain your tired body suffers and strength, endurance and placidity return.

    Carved into the rock and in symbiosis with nature, these baths offer a Hot Springs-inspired experience while evoking the Canadian Rockies. Included in the thermal experience. The temperature of these baths will be 36º C. Included in the thermal experience.

  • Upgrade and embellishment of our parking 

    We are very pleased that the connection to the municipal water system and the reconfiguration of the parking lot are completed. We are now ready to implement our landscaping plan that aims to provide a parking makeover and give it a natural look.

    Among the improvements, there will be a single entry to the spa and there will be a spectacular covered bridge. In addition, walking paths and a connection to the bike trail Chelsea are provided in the redevelopment plan. 
    Trees will be planted and state of art landscaping will be realized. Our guests’ experience will be improved upon their arrival on site.

  • For more information about our projects, please contact us at


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