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A visit at the spa this summer?

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Discover the perfect summer experience by yourself, with your lover or with friends!

A date not to miss

This summer, ask your loved one on a dream date of relaxation in the heart of nature, enjoying each other and making up for lost time...

Treat yourself to a unique Outdoor Massage experience in duo, perched high up among the trees, in a small private wooden pavilion. Keep on enjoying this moment of relaxation in one of our cold or temperate baths to cool off and spend quality time together. Then opt for a suspended bed located on the forest beach or for a large hanging net, just for the two of you!

The feeling of relaxation having reached his peak, dinner at the RESTÖ is a must. Enjoy Foodie Wednesdays, where guilty pleasures are in the spotlight. id="mce_marker"08.75 per person. (Gratuities included, taxes are extra.) Cheers and long life to your love!

Personal obligation

Close your eyes and imagine this... Your sweetheart is at work, the kids are at day camp and you... at the spa. Your personal obligation today is to experience the thermal cycle (hot - cold - relaxation) up to three times in order to get the maximum benefits and reach a deep sense of relaxation. All of that, at your own pace.

Give yourself a moment of pure relaxation in the KASKAD section. Stretched out comfortably in a lounge chair on the ËDENA beach, you immerse yourself in a good book, without any feeling of guilt.

Complete this dream getaway with a massage in nature or a body treatment. Time has stopped, while earth continues to turn without you. A few hours later, you’ll meet up with your loved ones, completely relaxed. And that’s a promise.

Getaway on a weekday

This summer, break the routine and plan a girls’ outing  in the middle of the week! Start a light conversation between friends in NÄKYMÄ, the infinity pool, located in the Panorama section. This social area is just the right place, because a girls’ meeting is primarily a gossip session, isn’t it?

Looking to satisfy a craving? The Panorama Lounge is the place for you, girls. Plates to share, festive cocktails, creative cuisine, cozy furnitures, European style décor and a perfect terrace to share the latest gossip.

We even have evenings specially created for you: the Girls’ Getaways, which take place every Tuesday. Sparkling wine, tapas, sweet treats and thermal experience for $80.95 per person. This summer, change things up, plan an girls’ outing at the spa. Even in the rain, it's great!

Improvised time off

Gentlemen, why not take a day off and put yourself at the top of your priority list for once? The program: Massage, thermal experience and relaxation. The goal: to unwind completely.

Your muscles are sore from training? We have a massage for you: the Deep tissue. This specialized massage targets the deeper muscle layers and is particularly effective in releasing chronic tensions. Admit that it would do you so much good!

Then explore the Borea section in order to live the full spa experience. Will you dare braving KRISTAL, the cold waterfall, or RIVËR, the ice cold fall? The house strongly suggest it. The transition from hot to cold creates an adrenaline rush which turns into endorphins, providing a sense of well-being and relaxation like you never felt before. Go ahead, take a day off, rain or shine!





Summer events
  • To quench your thirst
    Try our summer cocktails! Refresh yourself with one of our summer cocktails offered at the RESTÖ and PANORAMA LOUNGE.
  • Glass water bottle
    Enjoy summer by adding flavor to your water with our Glass water bottle with a fruit infuser. Available at the boutique, on site or online.
  • What to bring

Bathing suit
Reusable water bottle (glass containers prohibited)
Sun screen
Cap or hat

These items can also be purchased at the boutique and you can rent a bathrobe for the day. We provide a towel and a locker on site.


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