• Tellura


A space for total relaxation

Tellura is a relaxation space with heated stone beds made from quartz. These heated slabs are part of an Asian heat therapy tradition, called “Ganban'yoku” in Japan, or “stone bed bath.” Like sunbathing, there is no water in this “bath.” Instead, you bathe in the radiant heat of the warm stones.  

Relaxing bedrock

The principle of heated stone beds is simple: you stretch out on a slab of stone that radiates warmth slightly above your body temperature. While the thermal effect is more subtle than in a sauna, you get the same benefits, such as elimination of toxins, ease of tension, and mental calm. A stone bed has never been so relaxing!

A novel experience

The Tellura space was designed to evoke the unembellished tranquility of the original Asian heated stone beds. Six radiant stone beds await you for a unique experience that puts you in contact with the earth in its most ancient form.

Our gift to you

While elsewhere, heated stone beds cost extra, at Nordik Spa-Nature, access to Tellura is included in your thermal experience rate. We hope you enjoy it.

Temperature: 100°F
Recommanded time: 20 to 30 minutes

Find Tellura in front of the barrel sauna, near the entrance of the Panorama section!

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