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Training program

Complete your training program with thermotherapy!

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Many top athletes use thermotherapy in their physical training program, either in preparation mode or recovery!

“Integrating the thermal experience into my routine really maximizes my sports performance. I notice a difference in my cardiovascular endurance in my training and games,”
stated Ottawa Senators’ centre Jean-Gabriel Pageau.


Thermotherapy helps improve physical endurance for sports performance.

Regular use of a sauna increases vascular and lung capacity, especially by increasing the number of red blood cells, which carry oxygen in the blood.

  • Massage:
    Book a Tonic massage, ideal for athletic types and outdoor lovers, this energetic massage will stimulate blood flow and enhance muscle vitality.

    Our Thaï massage is also recommended. This massage stretches and tones muscles while relieving tension. This provides greater flexibility to the body.



Plan a visit to the spa to recover from your sports performance, since thermotherapy accelerates the recovery and healing process.

?Recovery is an often overlooked but essential component to our daily routines in the National Hockey League. Our partnership with Nordik Spa-Nature provides our players with the ability to recover both physically and mentally at a world-class facility,?
- Chris Schwarz, Ottawa Senators Hockey Club Strength and Conditioning Coach.

  • Massage 
    Include the Deep Tissue massage in your recovery programRecommended for sport and/or those suffering from recurrent pain, this technique is based on sustained linear pressures, slow and penetrating, to work more sensitive parts of the body, including the calves or thighs.

Other benefits 

  • Better breathing (Slower and deeper)
  • Better assimilation and digestion of food
  • Remineralization of the body
  • Arthritis and muscle pain relief
  • Elimination of toxins


You're participating in a sports competition?

If you are not from Gatineau-Ottawa and participating in a sport competition in region, discover our packages overnight!


integrate the thermal experience to your training program and maximize your sports performance!

The sport package – Training includes:

  • Thermal experience;
  • Bathrobe rental.

Valid 7 days
Cost: $75, taxes not included


Reward yourself for your accomplishments after your athletic challenge. We’ve designed a special package to help you recover.

The Sport Package - Recovery includes:

  • Thermal Experience
  • Bathrobe rental;
  • Deep Tissue 60-minutes Massage.

Valid 7 days
Cost: $170, taxes not included


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