• Water quality

Water quality

The very essence of our success as the largest North American spa centre in a natural setting is water.

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At Nordik Spa-Nature, water quality must not just be excellent, it must surpass all excellence standards of the industry.
We strive toward this goal every hour of every day, using a three-pronged approach.

Cutting-edge equipment

Our powerful filtration and pumping systems ensure that the water in our pools is completely filtered every 30 minutes. A computerized monitoring system analyzes water in real time, and automated control systems chlorinate and disinfect as needed. The process is further enhanced with new UV lamp technology to guarantee water quality throughout the spa. 

Trained, experienced staff

Our pools are supervised by certified pool operators.


Meticulously applied protocols

While our automated systems are highly reliable, our staff also checks computerized data by hand every three hours. If the slightest problem arises, we do not hesitate to close a pool until its parameters comply with the highest standards.


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