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What's new

Here is what's new at Nordik Spa-Nature!

  • Ëdena, the forest beach
    Now open!  Ëdena, the forest beach

    Give yourself a moment of pure relaxation at the Forest beach located in the KASKAD section. Everything has been designed to recreate a tropical destination atmosphere... Hot sand, deckchairs and gentle sound of waves. With a little imagination, you're almost there.

    Ëdena, the forest beach
  • Hanging beds
    Now available!  Hanging beds

    Hanging beds are back on the forest beach in the KASKAD zone ... A unique creation from our designer, specially designed to achieve the ultimate relaxation! 

    Hanging beds
  • The hammocs
    Available today!  The hammocs

    They are back for summer! The perfect place to take a nap in nature, in a remote place, under the trees, with the sound of a waterfall and the birds singing softly. Please, do not disturb…

    The hammocs

    NEW AT NORDIK: Introducing Discovery Evenings! A brand new series of thematic discovery events at Nordik, starting on March 30.

    Join us for our first Discovery Evening, dedicated to maple syrup season. Combine relaxation with sweet treats and Canadian traditions. This special evening will feature the thermal experience, live acoustic violin and guitar, a maple taffy station, and themed Aufguss rituals every hour. Go ahead, give in to your sweet tooth. It’s a date, starting at 6 p.m.!

    $63 – No reservation required
    Book now!

  • Exfoliation
    Available today, included in the thermal experience!  Exfoliation

    Add exfoliation to your wellness regimen at Nordik Spa-Nature. Included in the thermal experience, this treatment restores radiance to your skin and revitalizes all your senses. To enjoy the maximum benefits of the treatment, we recommend beginning your day of spa relaxation with an exfoliation session! The exfoliation room is located at Banyä, our new two-storey building near the change rooms. This space is designed to welcome you at the beginning of your thermal journey.

    You can choose from two exfoliating salts, lavender or eucalyptus. Essential oils are mixed into the salt for a calming (lavender) or invigorating (eucalyptus) experience. Exfoliation is essential during winter! It strips away dead cells on the surface of your skin and stimulates epidermal regeneration and microcirculation.

  • Two new hot baths
    Double your comfort with two new Hot baths now open! Two new hot baths

    Two enormous new hot baths are now open in the Panorama section, just in time to expand your comfort options for the cold weather. Each of these baths can hold up to 50 people! Carved into the rock and in symbiosis with nature, these baths offer a Hot Springs-inspired experience while evoking the Canadian Rockies. The water’s temperature is 36 °Celsius.

    A first bath, a therapeutic Jacuzzi, pours into a second hot bath, which finishes its path in the Näkymä infinite pool. A technology imported from Germany was used for the therapeutic air bubble bath. In this bath, your body floats gently. Air bubbles have a soothing and comforting effect on the skin, tissue and nerves, activating your circulation and targeting your muscles and joints. The magic of air bubbles evaporates the stress and strain your tired body suffers, and strength, endurance and placidity return.

    Included in the thermal experience.

    Two new hot baths
  • Banyä
    Now open! Banyä

    Discover Banyä!

    This beautiful, two-storey, multi-experience building was unveiled in December. Overlooking the site and offering a breathtaking view, Banyä is a refuge to wellness enthusiasts where body and mind can blend. On the ground floor, discover the Russian sauna and exfoliation room. Enjoy the relaxation space on the second floor and give yourself moment for meditation. Stay tuned: new experiences are coming soon to Banyä. Discover Banyä this winter! 

  • Yoürte
    Available now! Yoürte

    Relaxation area and aromatic infusions

    An authentic yurt appears on the Nordik site next to the Näkymä infinite pool to keep you warm in the social zone this winter. Located in the Panorama zone, this relaxation area can host up to 20 people at once. Inspired by the traditional dwellings of nomads on the Central Asian steppes, the yurt combines charm and rusticity. It is built of a round canvas tent and a wood floor. It houses a central fire, surrounded by benches. Essential oil infusions are refreshed a few times every day. Your mind wanders, all is well, and you enjoy the moment. 

  • Winter Table d'hôte
    Available now! Winter Table d'hôte

    Discover our new comforting “Table d’hôte”

    Discover this new hearty menu created by our chef, inspired by both Quebec traditional dishes and flavours of Canadian cuisine. Try a variety of foods, all as comforting as they are delicious, each reminiscent of a treasured winter memory. This signature Nordik Spa-Nature culinary experience provides warmth and comfort during the coldest months of the year.

    Winter Table d'hôte
  • Tipis are back!
    Tipis are back!

    During the winter months, tipis appear on the Nordik site in the Kaskad zone. Cone-shaped and mounted on wooden poles, these canvas tents house a central fire, Adirondack chairs, and blankets. “Tipi” means “dwelling” in the Lakota language.

    You plunge head first into the tradition and call it home for a moment of relaxation during your next spa visit this winter.

    Tipis are back!
  • Outdoor massages offered in winter
    Starting December 2nd 2016 Outdoor massages offered in winter

    In this welcoming and magical atmosphere, enjoy a massage in the heart of the winter landscape, toasty and comfortable in our heated and insulated wooden pavilions.

    An atmosphere of relaxation wrapped in the atmosphere of a winter chalet is a simply unique experience available to you. Massana-Nature in winter is available starting December 2nd. 

    Outdoor massages offered in winter
  • Fall Table d'hôte
    Available now! Fall Table d'hôte

    Discover are new fall flavours Table d’hôte

    Autumn inspires comfort food. Discover the new gastronomic Table d’hôte offered at the Restö. Enjoy fall meals as tasty as colorful. A real pupils and buds show featuring apple, squash, mushroom, pumpkin and autumn vegetables perfectly assorted to the surrounding scenery.

    Click here to view our new table d'hôte

    Fall Table d'hôte
  • Quebec Cancer Foundation day
    September 23  Quebec Cancer Foundation day

    On September 23, Nordik Spa-Nature invites you to relax in aid of the Quebec Cancer Foundation!
    For each thermal experience sold, we will donate $5 to the QCF.
    Relax for the cause.

    Quebec Cancer Foundation day
  • Aufguss competition
    Thursday September 29  Aufguss competition

    A ritual of sight, scent and feel.

    September 29, do not miss the Aufguss competition at Nordik. come and see our Aufguss Meisters at work. They promise to offer original and thematic rituals all day long and during the lounge thursday. Welcome to everyone!

    Aufguss competition
  • Welcome to the Biërgarden
    The new terrace with stunning views of Gatineau – Ottawa is now open! Welcome to the Biërgarden

    On the menu, an interesting variety of alcoholic beverages, wines, original summer cocktails and, featured at Nordik, beers from the Canadian microbrewery Beau's. Since 2006, Beau's has been brewing tasty, craft and certified organic beers thinking about the environment and local communities.

    To calm cravings, we offer the Taco of the day with different self-service accompaniments. Grilled salmon, shrimp, pork and vegetarian tacos served on wheat tortilla or corn.

    THE most beautiful terrace in the region to enjoy summer with friends! 

    Naturally, in case of rain or storm, the Biërgarden will be closed.

    Welcome to the Biërgarden
  • Zëngarden
    Now open! Zëngarden

    This new relaxation area is a real haven adjacent to the Biërgarden, located in the social area, slightly setback. This garden offers a relaxing moment nestled in a zen-inspired mineral and minimalist décor: waterfall, plants, stones and conducive to relaxation furniture. The Zëngarden was designed to enjoy the atmosphere of the Panorama section while maintaining a favorable enveloping intimacy to chat with friends. 

  • Girlfriends package lodge & spa
    Offer valid until August 31, 2016. Girlfriends package lodge & spa

    This summer, stop time and plan a girlfriends getaway in one of our cabins. Treat yourself, we have thought of everything!

    Package includes:

    1 night stay
    Thermal experience
    Bathrobe rental
    Wine and cheese served at the cabin

    Rate from $ 215  per person (for a quad occupancy)  

    To book :

    Girlfriends package lodge & spa
  • Even more outdoor massages!
    New, summer 2016! Even more outdoor massages!

    Given the growing popularity for outdoor massages, new rooms were opened! We now have 12 massage therapy rooms, double what we had previously. In addition, they will be heated in order to stretch the season and to offer the service as long as Mother Nature will be in. 

    Even more outdoor massages!
  • Nordik beach bag!
    Nordik beach bag!

    Nordik beach bag, the the perfect summer accessory for your visit at the spa or at any moment! Treat yourself at the Nordik boutique or online.

    Nordik beach bag!
  • Infusion water bottle
    Infusion water bottle

    Here are the new Nordik infusion bottles ready to quench your thirst all summer! Two ways to the buy it: on site at our boutique or online!

    Infusion water bottle
  • Our hammocs
    Our hammocs

    They are back for summer! The perfect place to take a nap in nature, in a remote place, under the trees, with the sound of a waterfall and the birds singing softly.

    Please, do not disturb…

    Our hammocs
  • Ëdena, forest beach
    Ëdena, forest beach

    Give yourself a moment of pure relaxation at the Forest beach located in the KASKAD section. Everything has been designed to recreate a tropical destination atmosphere...

    Hot sand, deckchairs and gentle sound of waves. With a little imagination, you're almost there.

    Ëdena, forest beach
  • New terrace!
    Summer 2016 New terrace!

    The new panoramique terrace, lounge – Bar & Grill style, offers a stunning views of the Gatineau Hills and the City of Ottawa.

    In a cozy atmosphere, a unique and refined décor, enjoy various grilled meats, fish, kebabs and tacos, accompanied by assorted condiments. An outstanding variety of alcoholic beverages, wines, and, featured at Nordik, microbrewery beers are also on the menu.

    Undoubtedly THE most beautiful terrace in the region to have a drink and enjoy a good meal with friends.

    New terrace!
  • Hanging net!
    Hanging net!

    Something new is waiting for you at Nordik Spa-Nature: a large hanging net! Enjoy a relaxing moment between trees and waterfalls, in our Panorama section!

    Hanging net!
  • Our outdoor massage therapy rooms are back!
    Our outdoor massage therapy rooms are back!

    Our outdoor massages are back! Let the gentle breeze sooth you and the sun warm you, while you enjoy a massage in nature!
    Discover Massana-Nature, our outdoor massage therapy rooms, overlooking the Gatineau hills!
    Book now by calling us at 819-827-1111. 

    Our outdoor massage therapy rooms are back!
  • Spring table d'hôte!
    Spring table d'hôte!

    Discover our Spring table d'hôte! 

    Spring is usually a chefs favorite season. We can work with many young greens and herbs with fresh and sour tastes. It’s also a source of inspiration to create light, crunchy, fresh and sweet plates. We invite you to discover the tastes and textures in our dishes celebrating spring!
    Mathieu Landé-Verdier, Chef

    Spring table d'hôte!
  • Gatineau Loppet
    February 27th and 28th 2016, from 10:30 a.m. at the Mont-Bleu school’s agora! Gatineau Loppet

    Nordik Spa-Nature is very proud to partner with the largest international event of cross-country skiing in Canada!

    We will be on site at Mont-Bleu school’s agora, on Saturday February 27th and Sunday, February 28th 2016, so you can enjoy the Nordik experience! 

    To know everything about our implication, visit our special Gatineau Loppet page!

    Gatineau Loppet
  • Now 6 Aufguss rituals daily
    Every day at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m., 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.! Now 6 Aufguss rituals daily

    At your request, we have added new hours for our Aufguss rituals! Now 6 rituals daily, at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m., 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.!

    Now 6 Aufguss rituals daily
  • Tipis

    Our tipis are back in the Kaskad area and ready to keep you warm this winter!

  • Opening Mëzz | Coffee
    Friday December 18th 2015  Opening Mëzz | Coffee

    Mëzz | Coffee is a coffee shop, located at the mezzanine, offering a variety of coffees, paninis, soups and desserts to enjoy in your bathrobe at any time during your experience!

    The sweet treats we offer are made in Chelsea by Biscotti & cie!

    Opening Mëzz | Coffee
  • Heated hammocks
    Heated hammocks

    Sleep comfortably sheltered from the cold, thanks to our heated hammocks! Now installed near Aromi sauna and behing our relaxation chalet, Relaxa.

    Heated hammocks
  • Projects and improvements
    Projects and improvements

    Always seeking for new opportunities to offer you a relaxing experience like no other, Nordik Spa-Nature is working to create and improve innovative infrastructures. Visit our new page "Projects and improvements" to know everything about our projects and multiply the discoveries!

    Projects and improvements
  • New table d'hote
    New table d'hote

    Discover our new winter table d'hote
    The apple. Imagine you an evening by the fireplace to enjoy the sweet and syrupy arrangements of a glass of ice cider while you watch the snow fall through the window. It is the experience that I propose to rediscover enjoying our new table d'hôte.
    - Mathieu Landé-Verdier, Chef

    New table d'hote
  • Millionth customer!
    Millionth customer!

    We are very proud to have welcomed our millionth customer! Congratulations to Diane Desrosiers, who has won a year of relaxation for two at Nordik Spa-Nature and much more! Thank you to all our employees and our loyal clientele. It is because of you that we celebrate this success today!

    Millionth customer!
  • New in Panorama : 8 outdoor beds!
    New in Panorama : 8 outdoor beds!

    Our 8 new beds will offer your total comfort, where you can read a good book or enjoy a nap to the sound of nature. 

    New in Panorama : 8 outdoor beds!
  • New cocktails - June
    New cocktails - June

    On your next visit, we invite you to taste our new cocktails! Nordik Spa-Nature created new drinks with its values and philosophy in mind… We used fresh and local products as well as essential oils to enhance their unique taste. Each cocktail has its special touch, which we hope will please you this summer.

    Cocktail list

    New cocktails - June

    New in our Restö, in the Borea section : Our mëzzanines’s terrace is officially open! Come and eat a mouthful made by our chefs or enjoy a drink with some friends!

    See our mëzzanine's menu


    Four summer salads have been added to our Restö’s menu! On your next visit, choose between the Tex-Mex, the Norwegian, the Asian and the Beet!

    See the menu


    A summer table d’hôte has been added to our menu! Inspired by sun, heat and grill’s pleasures, this table d’hôte highlights seasonal products  in your plate. Discover our refreshing paring of flavors!

    See the menu

  • Essential oils - Winter 2015
    Essential oils - Winter 2015

    Enhance your massage with an essential oil! With no extra charge, you can now choose between the following 3 oils:

    - Sweet orange
    - Eucalyptus and black spruce
    - Lavender

    Essential oils - Winter 2015
  • Aufguss competition: duo events - May
    Aufguss competition: duo events - May

    On May 15th and 16th, we invite you to attend our Aufguss competition! During these two days, our talented employees will present their most extraordinary Aufguss rituals in our Finlandia sauna. Among the judges, we will have the two world champions, Sabine Quäschning and Janina Lindner, Felix Reschke who is in the world top 10, Conrad Müller, Aufguss meister of Satama Sauna Resort & Spa and our sauna meister Robert Weitzmann.

    You pay only your thermal experience, at the regular price, $ 59!

    Aufguss competition: duo events - May
  • Tipëe - Winter 2015
    Tipëe - Winter 2015

    Relax nice and warm outside, with our new teepees! Two are located on our Ëdena beach, and one is in the Panorama section. They all have a fireplace and adirondack chairs!

    Tipëe - Winter 2015
  • Rain shower: warm for the winter - Winter 2015
    Rain shower: warm for the winter - Winter 2015

    Our rain shower Kuuro is now warm for the winter season!


    Locate Kuuro on the interactive map

    Rain shower: warm for the winter - Winter 2015
  • New table d'hôte
    New table d'hôte

    During your next visit, go to the Restö and try our new table d'hote! For only $45, you have a fall-inspired 4 course meal... that you can enjoy in your bathrobe!


    New table d'hôte
  • Hanging beds
    Hanging beds

    New on our forest beach... Hanging beds, a unique creation from our designer!

    Hanging beds
  • 3 atmospheres
    3 atmospheres

    To better meet the various expectations concerning the silence, we have chosen to offer 3 distinct atmospheres in our 3 sections of the site. Kaskad remains a relaxation area where silence is required, Panorama remains the social area where it is allowed to talk, but Borea becomes an area where you can whisper!


    Interactive map

    3 atmospheres
  • Hütte

    New in our Panorama section, in front of the infinity pool: the Hütte, refreshment bar! No need to go to the Restö or the Lounge anymore to get a cocktail, beer, glass of wine, soft drink or fresh juice; everything's there!


    Our restaurants

  • Outdoor massages
    Outdoor massages

    Getting a massage outside is now possible at Nordik Spa-Nature! Discover Massana-Nature, our new outdoor massage rooms overlooking the Gatineau Hills!


    More information

    Outdoor massages
  • Packages with activities
    Packages with activities

    During your stay in the Outaouais region, you would like to combine a visit at the spa with a special activity? Have a look at our packages including spa services and activities at different touristic partners in the area.


    The packages

    Packages with activities
  • Summer Table d'hôte and salads menu
    Summer Table d'hôte and salads menu

    This summer, try our new table d'hôte and summer salads, made with fresh and light ingredients. You'll find plates such as our cold melon and cucumber soup with prosciutto chip and our Tropical quinoa salad!



    Summer Table d'hôte and salads menu
  • Events this summer
    Events this summer

    This summer, enjoy our Girls' Getaway every Tuesday, our Foodie Wednesdays every week and our Lounge Thursdays once a month!


    Our event

    Events this summer
  • Lymphatic drainage
    Lymphatic drainage

    Therapeutic treatment in its own right, the lymphatic drainage optimizes the flow of lymph through the body, alleviating water retention and its effects such as stretch marks, inflammation, and migraines. You’ll be left with a sensation of newfound lightness and vitality!


    More information

    Lymphatic drainage
  • Rivër bath
    Rivër bath

    New in our Borëa area: the Rivër bath! With its multiple waterfalls and cascades, it has a temperate temperature of 64°F, perfect for cooling down after a sauna or steam bath!


    Our baths

    Rivër bath
  • Mezzanine section at the Restö
    Mezzanine section at the Restö

    Our Restö has expanded! It now offer a new mezzanine section on the second floor, with magnificient views of the site!


    Our restaurants

    Mezzanine section at the Restö
  • Online boutique
    Online boutique

    Weather it's for gift ideas or spa essentials, purchase the Nordik products from the comfort of your home!



    Shop the boutique

    Online boutique
  • Hütte

    Our new Hütte building is now open! In the winter, it’s a place to warm up and leave our bathrobes before going in Näkymä, and in the summer, it will be a little bar!

  • Maa sauna
    Maa sauna

    Our new Maa sauna is now open! Come discover it in our Panorama section! This dry sauna has a temperature around 185-195 °F.


    Our saunas

    Maa sauna
  • Breakfast and hot meals at the Panorama Lounge
    Breakfast and hot meals at the Panorama Lounge

    We now serve a few breakfast items at our Panorama Lounge, as well as some hot meals! Muffins, croissants, lattes, smoothies, as well as chili, mulled wine and quiche are on the menu!



    Breakfast and hot meals at the Panorama Lounge
  • Cashless payment with electronic wristbands
    Cashless payment with electronic wristbands

    Meals, drinks, bathrobe... you can now pay for your purchases on site with your electronic wristband! You no longer have to walk around with your wallet in your bathrobe or return to the change rooms to get it before ordering!

    It's not only convenient, but safe!

    Cashless payment with electronic wristbands
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